Doest the shampoo that says it helps you grow your hair long faster work?

I read lots of magazines and at the end there is always an ad about this shampoo or something that helps you grow your hair out long faster and stronger. Ive never had my hair longer than like an inch past my shoulders. Ive always wanted that long flowing hair but my hair grows too slow. Everytime I try, I just get impatient and just cut it. Do you know if it works or do you know any other ways for my hair to grow out faster? … [Read more...]

How long does Mane ‘N Tail work to grow hair faster?

I am going to start using Mane 'N Tail again but how long does it take to actually have a noticeable difference in the length of your hair? I really want my hair to grow faster and I am just wondering about how long it will take to grow faster? … [Read more...]