Using Parachute coconut hair oil will help me grow my hair faster?

Im a 15 years old male , i wanna make my hair grow faster in 2 months. so i started using this ''Parachute coconut hair oil'' , would that help to grow it faster? and should i use it daily? and when do i put it and how long to keep it on my hair? … [Read more...]

How can i grow hair faster without using any products? Naturally?

My hair is very short. It wont grow fast at all and I wanted to know if there are any ways to grow hair faster and longer Naturally. No need for any kind of products. PLEASE HELP … [Read more...]

How can I grow my hair faster without using all of those pills and what not?

I'm just a 14 year old boy so I don't intend on using all fo those vitamin B pills and stuff. Is there some sort of diet or something that helps grow hair or something?? And do I have to trim my hair every 4 weeks? Please give a helpful answer, and not something like "wait a year and it'll grow' cause I've been waiting a few months now. (almost 4 or 5 now...) … [Read more...]

How to grow hair faster and naturally without using pills?

Im a teen 15 and i want to know how to grow hair longer not like a girl but at least to my neck where your spinal cord starts or near my shoulder. I want hair and i get my hair cut every two months but im not getting any more hair cuts because they shave my entire hair and it grows again and the cycle continues. So now im not getting those cuts how can i grow longer hair naturally … [Read more...]