Do you have any tips on making your hair grow faster?

i dont want extensions and i really want to make my hair grow faster in about 5 weeks. any tips would be helpful! … [Read more...]

Anyone have tips on how to help grow hair faster and longer?

Not extensions, but like hair products or something . Thanks . … [Read more...]

any tips on making my hair grow faster?

I want to be able to donate my hair before June 11ish of next year. Any tips on how to grow out my hair faster? i know cutting a quarter inch every few weeks helps, any other advice? … [Read more...]

Any tips on how to grow hair faster?

Im trying to grow my hair. Right now is up to my shoulders with layeres. Does anyone hv any idea how long it'll grow in a year, like where will it's length be? Also ay tips, any home remedies, or hair products or anything that can help with hair growth. Thank you! :D … [Read more...]