Is there anyway you can grow your hair faster?

I was stupid and listened to my sister, so I chopped off my long hair! I loved it, and everyone said they did too! I want it back, but its about at my shoulders when I flat iron it. Is there anyway I can make it grow faster. My hair is light brown and curly (if that helps) If theres no way I can make it grow faster how long will it take for me to have hair to about my chest.? Please help me, Thanks :) … [Read more...]

is there anyway to grow your hair faster?

i know its strange but i cut my hair about a month ago and i want long hair now. how can i get it to grow faster without getting extensions? … [Read more...]

Is there a way you can grow your hair faster?

Some ideas/methods on how to grow hair faster? Need some help. … [Read more...]

how long should my hair be before I straighten it? is there any way to grow hair faster?

i have very thick hair. its extremely wavy. my length is between 1-1.5 inches. i want to grow it out faster then it usually would, so is there any way of doing that? i am a male … [Read more...]