How can I grow my hair faster? Maybe prenatal pills?

I really want my hair to grow six inches as fast as possible. If anyone knows any really good vitamins or pills for hair growth please tell me. I want it to grow fast! I've heard a lot of great things about prenatal pills, do you think that they will work? I need to do everything that I possibly can to maximize my hair growth! Any vitamins or pills or really great products. Thank you!! … [Read more...]

does prenatal vitamins grow hair faster than mane and tail shampoo?

(I have a taped dark brush cut at the time, but i have decide on growing dreads and i need a quicker solution on how to grow my hair and then have shoulder length dreads in less than 1 1/2 year) … [Read more...]

If I take Prenatal vitamins to grow hair faster how long before I see results? My hair is shoulder length?

I am African American, just got my hair trimmed, and am about to get individual braids. How many inches will it grow in a month while taking the prenatal vitamins? … [Read more...]