How to grow hair faster naturally? Please respond.?

I need to grow my hair out faster. Give me anything. … [Read more...]

How to grow your hair faster naturally?

My hair has been just above my shoulders for wayyy to long. I really miss when i had it super long. Is there any homade recipes or someting so it could grow longer quick? Will it grow faster if i brush my hair every night and massage my scalp to circulate my blood flow? … [Read more...]

How can i grow my hair faster, without buying products naturally?

i want too have long nice hair but it wont grow fast. how can i get it to grow faster with out buying anything and with just using things at home. … [Read more...]

How can you grow your hair faster naturally?

I heard that you can make it grow faster naturally by having your hair in a ponytail like 24/7.. Any other ways because I want it really long for my grade 8 grad which is in like 2 or three months. I'm not willing to buy vitamins (depending what type) Thanx!!!! … [Read more...]

How can i grow hair faster without using any products? Naturally?

My hair is very short. It wont grow fast at all and I wanted to know if there are any ways to grow hair faster and longer Naturally. No need for any kind of products. PLEASE HELP … [Read more...]

How to naturally grow your hair faster?

What is a natural way to get your hair to grow faster? I have hair down to my shoulders and its really wavy and frizzy so I want it to be longer but I want it to grow faster. HELP! … [Read more...]

How to grow hair faster and naturally without using pills?

Im a teen 15 and i want to know how to grow hair longer not like a girl but at least to my neck where your spinal cord starts or near my shoulder. I want hair and i get my hair cut every two months but im not getting any more hair cuts because they shave my entire hair and it grows again and the cycle continues. So now im not getting those cuts how can i grow longer hair naturally … [Read more...]