How can i get my hair to grow longer faster?

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How do I grow my hair longer faster?

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how to grow your hair faster and longer?

my hair is above my shoulders and i really want my hair to grow fast so if u have any tips please help me! … [Read more...]

How to grow longer hair faster?

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How can I make my hair grow longer faster?

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How can I grow my hair faster and longer?

Okay so last year I cut my hair up to my neck, and its grown a little below my shoulders now. I want it to grow faster and longer, back to how I had it before I cut it, which was down my lower back. Any ideas, methods, remedies, shampoos would help, thanks! … [Read more...]

How to grow hair longer faster?

I've been trying to grow my hair for a long time now , but it's barely past my shoulders still :( My cousin had the same length of hair as me the last time I saw her, but i just saw a recent picture & her hair is up to her elbows already ! It might just be genetics , but what's an EFFICIENT was to grow my hair FASTER & LONGER ? I almost NEVER use heat on my hair, btw . Thanks ! … [Read more...]

Anyone have tips on how to help grow hair faster and longer?

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How to grow hair faster longer?

I've heard some tips and i want to know if they are true: 1) A lot of heat - such as straightening, hair drying..but you have to make sure your using a heat protectent! 2) Brushing your hair.. 3) Working out 4) Keeping a healthy diet 5) Leaving your hair natural and not putting any products on it 6) Leaving it dirty longer Any of them true? Any tips you could give me? --I feel like I've been growing my hair out for so long now, and nothing has worked! PLEASE&THANKS:) … [Read more...]

How can I grow my hair faster and longer with out having to buy special products?

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