How can I grow hair faster without buying stuff from the store?

I had a haircut and I want to grow it back. Can I regrow my hair without going to the store and just use shampoo and water? … [Read more...]

what oils and herbs should i buy from vitamin shoppe to help my hair grow faster?

i was researching how to grow hair faster and found herbs and oils can make ur hair grow faster but not sure whioch ones , i heard hibiscus extract was good, what other ones should i get and ar they avialble at vitamin shoppe … [Read more...]

How to a Fro Grow Hair Faster or Longer and keep from Getting Damaged?

If u can't tell by now im black and i need ways to make my hair grow longer its usually grows fast i dont know how fast though ( but when i get my hair cut like a fade or something it usally is like 3 - 5 inches in about a 2 wks)... What im basically asking for is there any products to use or any techinques that make Fro's grow longer and keep from getting Damaged... Just to let ppl Know i usually go wit a perm then i will Pick it out and it just grows like that........... … [Read more...]