How do you make your facial hair grow faster?

I want to make my chin hair grow faster. I heard the more often you shave, the faster your facial hair will grow. So if I were to shave my facial hair once a day, will it grow faster than shaving once a week? … [Read more...]

How to make facial hair grow faster?

I'm 17 and I usually shave at least once every week. I get like little wiskers on my chin and some on my cheeks none on my neck, which sucks because I kinda want a nice warm tasty beard since it's cold a lot. But some of my friends say they get facial hair like every few days, which sucks because somehow they grow facial hair faster. So is there a way to make facial hair grow faster for me? … [Read more...]

How do i make my body grow facial hair faster?

Im almost 17 and my facial hair is coming slowly but its hardly noticable unless your in a cerain light. I reaaaly want a light beard. Is there anyway i can get my hair to grow faster. I heard testosterone makes facial hair but is there a way i can make my body produce more of it? … [Read more...]

How can I make facial hair grow faster and thicker?

Is there a way I can grow facial hair faster and thicker? I'm trying to grow a beard, but it's difficult for me. … [Read more...]

How do I grow facial hair faster?

I am trying to grow a goatee, but my facial hair doesn't grow very fast. I've heard that the more you shave, the faster and thicker your hair grows back, but is that true? If not, is there a vitamin I can take or something to make my facial hair grow faster? … [Read more...]