how do u grow hair faster im not bald i just want ma hair to grow faster so i could slick dat bicth bakk?

what shampoo or conditioner do i just to make it grow faster or what other things do i use and do girls like it wen a guy gives it to them thru the ass … [Read more...]

How could I grow my hair hair faster (Guy)?

What can I do to make it grow faster. And I have thick hair. So as im growing it out it looks all poofy and big. Any Help? … [Read more...]

How could I grow my hair faster?

Me and my friends had long hair all our lives, Though recently we joined the army, Now, I have short hair, In one year I only got them to my eyes, While my other friends got the hair to they're shoulders, I'm a male Metalhead, And I ask you, How do I get my hair to grow faster? To hell with you army. … [Read more...]