Prenatal Vitamins and Hair Growth

Reports have indicated that pregnant women who take prenatal vitamins have noticed an increase in the rate of their hair growth, as well as improved thickness. There’s still no study that has confirmed if this is actually true though – but the evidence is quite strong, so let’s have a look at how this works for the most part.

Pregnant women have some very special needs, and prenatal vitamins are thus different from ordinary multivitamins, by focusing specifically on calcium, iron and folic acid. Those three are very useful for the organism of a pregnant woman for various reasons. But their benefits extend beyond that – if you’re having problems with hair loss, the solution may very well be hiding in these substances!

How is this exactly related to hair growth though?

Well, for starters, folic acid is one of the main components used in many commercial hair growth solutions, which can be attributed to its effect in stimulating the growth of new cells. It’s a B-complex vitamin which improves the body’s rate of producing fresh cells that replace the dying old ones – and it can help your hair grow faster quite well.

The scientific community is still split on the subject of whether or not prenatal vitamins are actually so helpful in stimulating hair growth – but it’s agreed upon that it’s a very beneficial side effect, even for pregnant women themselves, who tend to suffer hair loss problems after their pregnancy.

In any case, you must understand the potential benefits from this treatment, and soon enough after we’ve seen more research done on the subject, it should start becoming clear how exactly these vitamins are helpful in improving hair growth.

Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in flavonoids during your pregnancy – these are antioxidants that might stimulate hair growth, and they also protect your hair follicles. Your shampoos and conditioners should contain silica and biotin – and ensure that you’ve got various vitamins included in your diet.

Strange as it may be, this can also work for men to some extent – if you’re having problems with your hair growth, you should try including some of these substances in your diet and see if it helps you in any way. Of course, don’t overdo it and don’t rely on it to be a miracle cure for your hair loss, but it can certainly help – a lot.

There are also some simple exercise routines available for pregnant women that can be incredibly useful – of course you shouldn’t strain yourself too much during this period, but there are still some things you can do to avoid letting yourself go. It can not only improve your physical condition, but it can also be quite helpful in relieving some of the stress and anxiety that commonly accompany pregnancy.

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