How to Grow Hair Longer and Faster

So you want to grow hair longer and you are wondering if it is indeed possible! Growing hair longer is possible if you follow seven simple steps which I will now describe to you:

Keep your mane clean, you must wash your hair at least once a week. You need to use a shampoo that has no sulfates in it. Sulfates will strip away healthy sebum and prevent you from growing hair longer

Deep condition to grow hair longer- the general rule is this, each time you get your mane wet be sure to condition it with an oil treatment, a good one I recommend is Mira herbal oil.

Use a good herbal hair oil to keep your scalp moisturized, when it comes to growing longer hair you need to make sure both your scalp is well moisturized

Use vitamins to grow hair longer and faster, good vitamins are biotin and prenatal pills; they have been proven to give you longer and thicker tresses

Make sure you exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes, exercise will pump blood all over your body and scalp and allow nutrients to go into your hair and scalp for faster hair growth, The sweat will also clean out your clogged hair pores for healthy thicker tresses

Use a good immune system booster, a good one is Indian ginseng, an optimized immune system will allow you to grow long hair fast! Getting enough sleep is crucial for a good immune system, so you should get at least eight hours of sleep.

Finally use a good arjuvedic herbal oil-as I mentioned above a good one is Mira oil. If you use it at least twice a week, you hair will grow faster. To use, simply massage the oil onto the scalp using your fingers and make sure it penetrates the roots and tips of your tresses.

Finally drink lots of water to keep the body healthy, water will flush away toxins and allow your hair and body to function properly as nature intended.

If you follow these simple steps you will Grow hair longer And Faster. These steps have been proven with time to work!

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  1. Julie says:


    I would add some tips here..

    There are several ways to promote hair growth

    Take biotin
    Take ashwaganda
    You should increase protein intake
    You need lots of vegetables and fruits
    Externally get good hair oil like Mira hair oil
    It will promote faster hair growth