How can make your hair grow faster?

Like is there certain foods and drinks that make your hair grow faster, or like is there pills or anything else.

I have really damaged hair from years of straighting and i stopped, but by stop straighting it my curls make my hair look shortish and i wanted to see if i could get it to grow 6 inch’s before school starts.


  1. Raelyn says:

    it is called,

    Show Sheen

    it is for horse main and tail and coat.

    farm N fleet should have it.

    works great

  2. MJ (we miss you) says:
  3. Michelle says:

    Umm….you cant drink anything that wil make it grow or eat i dont think but…..everyonce in a while GET YOUR DEAD ENDS CUT OFF!!!! Tell ur hair person just to cut of the dead ends and THATS IT!!! Then it will grow long and be healthy!

  4. Nicky says:

    u can rejuvenate ur hair by a weeks therapy…bt u have to repeat it every month till u satisfy…..
    massage ur hair with a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil… massage on monday then on wed then on fri then wash on sunday….alternate days….
    or if u dont have time 4 a week then…
    massage on friday 9t..i hope u have holiday on saturday…so keep it on ur hair till sat n wash on sunday…repeat few months…or till u satisfy….

  5. fatticakes;) says:

    Well first of all, i doubt you could get it to grow 6inches in a month.
    There are certain vitamins for your hair skin and nails that will help your hair grow.
    also, getting your ends trimmed regularly.

  6. imma diva says:

    u cant, u just have to wait. Putting chem is ur hair will just make it worse in the outcome

  7. michaela says:

    dnt listen to the people who say theres no way of growing your hair!!!

    1. drink plenty water
    2. dont eat junk
    3. dont pull or tug on your hair
    4. massage your head everyday
    5. braiding your hair makes it stronger (it will help it grow faster also)
    6.get a trim every six weeks
    7.take vitamins (look on and search hairtopia)
    8.wash your hair every other day
    9.avoid heated hair tools
    10. have a good diet by eating fruits and vegtables
    hope i helped

  8. ismail khan says:

    Are you looking at your hair in the mirror and just wishing you could grow long hair fast? Are you tired of the trim, cut, grow, cut cycle?

    It takes a huge commitment to grow your mane amazing lengths. But it can be done! Below, are the top 10 tips to achieving length in the least amount of time.

    1. You need to start off with the health of your hair. So, go to a place like Super Cuts and get a good trim of about ½ inch at least. Now you’re ready for maximum growth.
    2. Wear protective styles every single day. No exception. This means French rolls, buns or other types of updos where your hair ends are not exposed to the air.
    3. Eliminate any and all types of heat. Put away the curling iron. Hide the flat iron. Put the blow dryer in the back of the closet. They will not help you reach your goal.
    4. Keep your ends moisturized. On a daily basis, add moisture to your ends in terms of a lotion moisturizer, oil like jojoba or a leave-in conditioner.
    5. Keep your tresses super conditioned by using a moisturizing conditioner bi-weekly and a protein conditioner once a month to keep your hair nice and strong.
    6. Treat your hair like super fine lace! Be gentle and take your time when combing, detangling, and styling.
    7. Do not play in your hair. Style it for the day and leave it alone. Constantly fussing with it will only make it dry which leads to split ends.
    8. Wear a protective satin or silk scarf when you go to bed at night. If you don’t do either of those, then sleep on a satin pillowcase. These will keep you from getting tangles and dryness.
    9. Make sure you’re getting all of the proper nutrition by eating lots of vegetables and getting protein. Take a multi-vitamin to make sure you’re getting all of the vitamins you need.
    10. Use moisturizing products only. Learn about the ingredients in shampoos and stay away from harsh shampoos. Try brands by Neutrogena, Nexxus, Keracare.

    If you’re serious about growing long hair fast, I hope these tips will be a reference guide for how you can do it. Remember, it takes a commitment and is not something that can happen overnight. You must commit to taking better care of your hair for a long time and not give up because you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like. Stick with it and I can guarantee you’ll see results!