Do you have any tips on making your hair grow faster?

i dont want extensions and i really want to make my hair grow faster in about 5 weeks. any tips would be helpful!


  1. one smart olive was suspended says:
  2. Larissa P says:

    if your hair grows fast, in 5 weeks it will only have grown about an inch, there is nothing really you can do to make it grow faster, but massaging your scalp will help

  3. naturalhair88 says:

    Yes it is possible and it is called Ziravie which is a HAIR GROWTH ACCELERATOR. It is a 100% Natural, Free Of CHEMICALS. It is lotion which is a natural formula made of essential oils such as coconut, olive, avocado and Aragon (from the Atlas Mountains) with extracts from fresh fruits, green plants including rose petals, cinnamon sticks.
    Oils and extracts of fruits and green plants penetrate rapidly through the scalp, providing rich and deep nourishment to hair follicles and it gets strengthened.
    Ziravie Reduces HAIR LOSS & Encourages HAIR GROWTH.
    It has a calming effect on the scalp, Reduces itching, Eliminates dandruff
    Allows nutrients to reach the hair root capillaries, encouraging hair growth
    This I can tell you with confidence because this is my personal experience.
    Ziravie combines tradition, science and nature to provide a mixture of natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which act on the scalp in depth, that in turn stimulates strong, healthy, robust hair growth, strengthening hair roots, and reduces thinning , hair loss and baldness.
    I used to buy from Spain but now it is available on under ID of hair-treatment. It is called Ziravie.
    They offer external and internal nutrition which helps a lot. Using this lotion I feel
    Health and Beauty comes into Harmony

  4. jeb says:

    The more chemicals you put into your hair the more it will fall out. You can’t speed it up but you can keep it healthy. Stay away from alcohol in hair care products. Also curling iron will stunt the growth. Good luck

  5. Lola says:

    take a Vitamin E pill once a day