Prenatal Vitamins and Hair Growth


Reports have indicated that pregnant women who take prenatal vitamins have noticed an increase in the rate of their hair growth, as well as improved thickness. There’s still no study that has confirmed if this is actually true though – but the evidence is quite strong, so let’s have a look at how this works for the most part. Pregnant women have some very special needs, and prenatal vitamins are thus different from ordinary multivitamins, by focusing specifically on calcium, iron and folic acid. Those three are very useful for the organism of a pregnant woman for various reasons. But their … [Read more...]

A Great Shampoo That Makes Your Hair Grow Faster


Keeping your hair fresh and clean is important – and some people like to put in the effort every day to achieve that. However, it’s not such a great idea to wash your hair every single day as this tends to wash away its natural oils, which can be very important for its appearance and healthy condition. Your hair really needs those oils in order to stay strong! You’ll also need to choose a good shampoo – chances are that you could do better than the one you’re using at the moment, especially if you’re looking to help your hair grow faster or stronger. Mira Herbals have a hibiscus-based … [Read more...]

What Makes Hair Grow Faster? 4 Things You Need To Find Out


Are you still clueless as to what can make your hair grow faster? If you are, then you have definitely come to the right page! Read this article from start to finish and you will surely find the appropriate solutions to your hair problems. Pick up some hair tips and tricks to make your hair grow longer and faster. Here are just a few of them to help you grow your hair quicker: 1. Get haircuts once every month. Getting a haircut has always been effective in stimulating hair growth. That is why make sure you get a regular hair trim once every month. In that way, you avoid getting split ends … [Read more...]