How can make your hair grow faster?

Like is there certain foods and drinks that make your hair grow faster, or like is there pills or anything else. I have really damaged hair from years of straighting and i stopped, but by stop straighting it my curls make my hair look shortish and i wanted to see if i could get it to grow 6 inch's before school starts. … [Read more...]

How do you make hair grow faster?

I recently cut my hair and don't like it as much as I thought I would. Is there something that will help hair grow faster to get me back to where I was before. … [Read more...]

How can i grow my hair long faster?

my hair is a little longer then solder length now. and id like to know how to my it grow faster, i want pretty long hair by the end of summer and start of the school year. i want this to be natural. id also like to know some homemade recipes that i can make to make my hair grow faster? Thanks so much! … [Read more...]

How do can i get my hair to grow faster?

I just got a HORRIBLE haircut and really want a way to grow my hair out fast so i can get it to look descent … [Read more...]

Does washing your hair a lot make it grow fast?

I am a guy and I have been washing my hair a lot lately (3x a day) with water and Head and Shoulders shampoo. I have been trying to get my hair to grow faster. Would this method work? Or is it bad for you? What is a good and natural way to grow my hair faster? I recently got a haircut and he cut the sides too short. How can I get my hair to be longer again? … [Read more...]

Do you have any tips on making your hair grow faster?

i dont want extensions and i really want to make my hair grow faster in about 5 weeks. any tips would be helpful! … [Read more...]

Julie Berman used shampoo to grow her hair faster what is it?

I want my hair to grow fast! … [Read more...]

How do I make my hair grow faster and stronger?

I am native american and i want to make my hair grow faster. Are there any products or techniques that can make hair grow faster? … [Read more...]

How can i get my hair to grow longer faster?

Hey girls... does anyone have any good tips how i can grow my hair longer faster? … [Read more...]

How do you make your facial hair grow faster?

I want to make my chin hair grow faster. I heard the more often you shave, the faster your facial hair will grow. So if I were to shave my facial hair once a day, will it grow faster than shaving once a week? … [Read more...]